Otro cambio en Paraguay: Sale Amarilla entre Arias

Carlos Amarilla volvio a fallar el test físico, esta vez previo a la Copa América, será reemplazado por Antonio Arias, quien era su "suplente" y estará en el Mundial Sub20 que se realizará en Colombia. Es bueno resaltar que Amarilla reemplazaba a Carlos Torres, quien no había alcanzado a recuperarse de una lesión en su rodilla.

“Lamentablemente, el árbitro paraguayo Carlos Amarilla no superó la prueba física, por lo cual es sustituido por Antonio Arias, en la Copa América 2010″, comentó desde Buenos Aires, Néstor Benítez Segovia,  jefe de prensa de la Conmebol, a la 970 AM, en contacto telefónico. 

Fuante: Golazo Tropical

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  1. Unbelievable. Totally unbelievable. Finally, CONMEBOL knows what referees are physically good enough..with Amarilla's absence, many others have a chance for the final. I think of Silvera, Osses or Roldan.

  2. Amarilla is not fit since the semi-final, he was in doubt to get it, but the CONMBEOL gave im a 2nd chance. A 3th one is not possible and for the final Silvera is the best option, but there is Uruguay team, who can like with Larrionda in 2007 damege him the final. I would not give it to Roldan or Osses, they are good referees but they are growing up a big mistake can be terrible for them.

  3. That is right. If Brazil will face Argentina,Silvera would be good. But I would not be surprised if Roldan gets one of the last 3 K.O. round matches (except the 3rd place match). What about Soto? I have never seen him so far, has he chances to get K.O.round matches?

  4. Soto is an extrage referee, he can do a good match, but his style is not the best, he let´s the players play much and he lost control easyly, I would no give him an important match, maybe an easy one, but he has problems to control the players and the way he uses his cards is not allways good. He allows the player to kick a lot in some spaces during the match

  5. For Amarilla is the third change in his career because of fitness test: at Confederations Cup 2009 he was replaced by Pablo Pozo from Chile. Instead, before World Cup 2010 he was sent home because of his assistant Ruiz Roa, who was injured and failed his fitness test.
    Carlos Alarcòn from Paraguay, head of CONMEBOL refereeing, should reject him definitely.

  6. @Anónimo Yes, he should, but we have to remember that Amarilla is a close friend of him and also from Leóz (Conmebol´s president) that is why he is always there, also if he faills fitness test or if he has very poor performances he gets very good matches (like the Copa America final in 2007)

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