Mundial Sub20: Designaciones Finales

20.08.2011 | 17:00 | México vs Francia
Árbitro: Antonio Arias (PAR)
Asistente: Carlos Caceres (PAR)
Asistente: Milciades Saldivar (PAR)
Cuarto árbitro: Djamel Haimoudi (ALG)
Reporter: Cagatay Iris (TUR)

20.08.2011 | 20:00 | Brasil vs Portugal
Árbitro: Mark Geiger (USA) (foto)
Asistente: Mark Hurd (USA)
Asistente: Joe Fletcher (CAN)
Cuarto árbitro: Kim Dong Jin (KOR)
Reporter: Carlos Salcedo (COL)

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4 comentarios:

  1. Shocking appointment for a number of reasons. This is Geiger's first FIFA tournament. Plus, his top choice AR (Adam Wienckowski) had to stay home due to work obligations... Mark Hurd wasn't even supposed to go to this tournament originally!

    American referee community is very happy. Mark Geiger is a wonderful, hard-working guy who is impossible to dislike. We all hope he succeeds greatly in this match.

    This appointment also makes things interesting for the CONCACAF World Cup candidate nominations. Prior to this, the American trio was almost certainly Marrufo/Morgante/Rockwell. They have been working every domestic match together recently. But how can you leave Geiger off the list now? Past U20 Final referees in 07 and 03 were Undiano Mallenco and Rosetti. Surely Geiger now gets at least a nomination for WC2014!

    What will the CONCACAF list look like? I think...

    1. Rodriguez (MEX)
    2. Aguilar (SLV)
    3. Lopez (GUA)
    4. Geiger (USA)
    5. Moreno (PAN)
    6. Chacon or Garcia (MEX)
    7. ????

    #7 could be Marrufo still. Or it could be Gantar of Canada. But a Caribbean official is missing. Does the Caribbean still have influence now that Warner is gone? Would it be Wijngaard or Bogle? Both of them are very poor referees. Or could it be someone like Quesada or Pineda? An older Central American referee.

  2. Don´t be too happy with this appointment, it´s a big step for him, but we shoud remember does not means he will be in 2014, Vazquez von Uruguay, for example, got the u17 final and did not got a match in the mayor WC.
    It´s too early for speack of a list, we will discuss it here, but all at it´s time...

  3. Yes, but U20 and U17 are a little different, I think. I don't believe it's a guarantee that Geiger will go to WC2014, but I do think this means his chances have greatly improved. Prior to this tournament, he wouldn't have even been a candidate for 2014. Now he has to be.

    I know the debate for a CONCACAF list will come later. But here in the USA, the debate about Marrufo v Geiger has already started. Almost everyone here likes Geiger more--both as a referee and as a person. But Marrufo has put in a lot of time with his ARs and has gone to the Olympics and was a candidate last time. If the United States only gets one candidate, who do you think it should be?

    With Brian Hall at the helm of CONCACAF, maybe there's an outside shot we actually get two candidates. But past history does not suggest we should.

  4. Yes his chances are better, don´t know if 2014 but 2018 is a very good option, he still has a lot to prove,
    At the time, I would say Marrufo, but in this 3 year can happen anything, woud like to see Geiger under real pressure in the final, maybe he surprises me and I change my opinion.

    I do think both of them can be in the list, I woud choose both over people like Quesada, only as an example...


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