Sobre las designaciones: Seguros que vimos lo mismo? (Opinión)

Alguien que me explique, porque yo poco entiendo...

Francia vs Portugal
Que? Cakir? El mismo árbitro del Colombia vs México? Si, esta bien no estuvo mal, y si es un árbitro Elite, pero se lo merece? Un error grave en dos de los tres partidos de fase de grupos? Un criterio muy dudoso en el partido de cuartos? Ve la FIFA lo mismo que yo vi en sus partidos? Donde está el húngaro Vad? No merecía mucho más que el turco? No tuvo Istvan mejores partidos? No es casi igual de experimentado a pesar de estar dos categorías abajo? Podemos llamar Elite a alguien que no se ha estrenado en la categoría? Ve FIFA los merecimientos o se guía ciegamente por lo que piensa UEFA? Claro que le deseo lo mejor al turco, pero no creo que sea la mejor designación para este encuentro, seguro que había otros que merecían más....

Brasil vs México 
Una designación mucho mejor, un árbitro tranquilo para el duelo latinoamericano, será un bonito partido y valla que Clattenburg y su equipo se lo merecen, buenos desempeños y un muy buen trabajo en equipo, sin dudas una buena designación, y una forma decorosa de despedir al buen trio ingles, que le hará una muy dura competencia al flojo Webb...

Otros: Los árbitros que oficiarán de 4tos son un chiste de muy mal gusto, Haimoudi, el argelino que inventó un penal, valla premio, Kim, el coreano, el mismo que junto a su asistente valido un gol en fuera de lugar? el mismo que parece un robot falto de personalidad? Cada vez creo más que el ciego soy yo....
Árbitros que se quedaron después de primera ronda y se merecían más bajo mi criterio: Por ahora el austriaco Schörgenhofer y el escoses Collum una pena, un partido eliminatorio podía haber sido bonito para ellos, pero FIFA parece haberlos mandado a la basura.... Seguros que vemos lo mismo?
Reitero mis deseos de prosperidad a los cuartetos en su trabajo el miércoles...

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  1. Come on Carlos, pls do watch COL-MEX again, I think, Cakir was superb at that game. He understood players wishes to play with pace and let the game very well with good foul detection. Take a look at his advantage detection. If there werent a UEFA finalist, he would be handling final or 3rd place, no doubt. I also cant understand why Schörgenhofer and Collum are not pushed. I predicted 1/4 for both. FIFA should change its policy to assigning a european ref. with a match involving a european team.

  2. I expected much more of Cakir, he had mistakes, yes the penalti can be given, but the card manegment was not wath I expected. And for me the joke was not Cakir, he is an Elite, but is VAD, who was superb in his matches and now is out. The UEFA policity is not under discussion, I belife, there are good referees in other land who can handel the games, the problem here was the way Fifa uses them, for example: Vad could had a semifinal, taking in to account that Cakir had a QF, anf Schörgenhofer could had have the 1/8 of Vad...
    But I repeat, Cakir was ok, maybe I expected too much, can be truth, but my proble is with VAD, who could have had something more and disserved it...

  3. I believe there is great lack of experince management in UEFA list. This UEFA ref. list is not the one that should be here. There should have been Skomina,Byrch,Kuipers etc. They are also young&elite, and they havent attended FIFA youth tournaments before. If they were here, Cakir wouldnt be the only elite from UEFA and there may be better rival. Vad is a talent, we all know this, but he is a cat2, he needs experience, that was pretty early for them(Vad, Strömbergsson, Studer(U17), Bas(U17)) such a big tournament. I wish, Vad would attend such a FIFA tournament whenever he is a EliteDevelopment or Elite. But, FIFA may also surprise us!

  4. I really in a Fifa tournament don´t see the categorys, I say that Vad diserved more, because he had very hard games (ARG vs MEX, COL vs MLI) and he did an excelent job, he deserved it because he showed during the competition he was good, but Fifa goes per categorys, for them is much value to show the new ELITE and no the simply cat 1 referee who did a good job, but won´t be there because he has someone with much more experience in his country (Kassai)...

  5. FIFA uses this kind of World Cups to test and find new upcoming world talents, so actually there is no place for Skomina, Brych, Kuipers, as they are yet at top level (*O'Leary's appointment was made due to the lack of OFC referees, but anyway, I'd choose another less experienced)

    Elite referees from all over the world, taken from the so called prospective list for 2014, will be at u17/u20 WC prior to the World Cup in Brazil. FIFA tournaments before a WC are used to select the final pool of WC referees (Club World Cup, Confederations, and youth WC).

    I agree with Carlos that performances should take it into account over big names or status in the respective confederation. Of course Çakir is a great ref, but he proved that he can do better, and I'm not happy with his semifinal appointment, just because they were better referees who deserved it more than him. And, to be clear, I'm sure the turkish will do a good job.


  6. Were you happy with that free kick/penalty kick/free kick call that Vad did in Colombia - Mali??? I agree with FIFA punishing him for that mistake. His next appointment was just a coincidence, since O 'Leary was moved to a quarter-final; otherwise Vad would have not get anything after Colombia - Mali.

  7. Does anyone know who was already sent home and who is still there for the last two matches?

  8. 1. That situation with Vad was good, I was happy with him, and I know in the review they made after all matches that Fifa was happy too.

    2. European referees are only Cakir and Clattenburg, the others are gone, I would say (notthing official, only prediction) Doue and Abdou are at home too. Seneme shout be out and Ubriaco possible too. Lopez muss be out because of his AR.
    I would say the referees who stay are:
    But I don´t know it official and I could not see the training today...

  9. 1.) "FIFA uses this kind of World Cups to test and find new upcoming world talents", pls Nacho take a look at WCU20 2009 referee list(4 elites, 2 PDs), are there any upcoming refs. in that list, no?
    I believe FIFA should also change this policy. For example we all know that in our UEFA list, there will be a very harsh fight to attend the final list of WC2014. FIFA should have used such youth tournaments to test those candidates such as Skomina, Brych, Kuipers, Proença etc.
    We have been thinking day and night who will be at EURO2012; Webb/Atkinson, Benqu./Proença, Stark/Byrch, Mallenco/Carballo, these tests also may help us to decide upon of whom to opt.

    2.) I am a little bit in doubt over the position of Oleary in our system. He has been attending this tournament(U20) for three times as he is only proper ref. from Oceanregion and he gets different levels of game in each U20 tournment. Will there be any other referee from UEFA/CONMEBOL to attend here twice: no, then I am not a big fan of assigning OLeary a final. He should have lost his chance for final in previous tournaments. That will be fair.

  10. 1.) 2009 was the exception, Fifa wanted to use it to prove the referees for the WC, but normally this tournaments are used to test the new one with a posibility of being in the WC. Fifa does not need to test Skomina, Velasco, Proenca etc.. in this moment, because they are constanly proved in the Champions League. Is the ame here is South America with Silvera, Osses, Roldan, Lopes, they are constantly proved in the difficult matches of Conmebol, so Fifa knows what they can give. Im sure they all will be tested, but now is not the time, also a semifinal von Champions is a bigger test for them, a u20 woud be notthing...

    2.) O´Leary was not suppost to come here, Hauata was going to come, but Fifa decided he to go to u17, the have let Achari (FIJ) out and O´Leary came here. It´s a big chance for Fifa prove they trust OFC to give O´Leary the final, you have to know, that is how politics works...

  11. Maybe I didn't explain myself very well, so I'll try it again:

    u20/u17 WC NOT PRIOR to WC: new upcoming referees, new talent, etc.

    u20/u17 WC PRIOR to a World Cup: test for prospective referees in their road to be in the final pool.

    Of course, u20 WC 2009 was PRIOR to the South Africa World Cup 2010 so all referees were taken from the prospective list.

    So in u20/u17 WC 2013 FIFA will send again, if keeping the same policy, prospective referees for Brazil 2014 and we'll see by then Skomina, Brych, Kuipers, Proença, Velasco, Undiano, Stark...and also at Confederations Cup and Club World Cup.

    I think the best referee should get the final, if it's O'Leary or Arias or someone else, ok. I don't mind if it's his third u20 WC, many other referees had two or three youth WC: Undiano, Rosetti, De Bleeckere (he got the final in his second u20WC).

    As I said before, I would have appointed other OFC referee, less experienced, but it's not my decision. Referees like Hester (even if he was at the World Cup), Varman, Hauata (was at u17 in MEX), Achari, etc.


  12. Thanks, Carlos, for the explanation why O'Leary was appointed to U20WC. I already knew Achari was supposed to appear at U17, but I've no idea Hauata was first appointed to U20.


  13. Rumor has it that Geiger has been retained. I can't imagine he'd actually be given a whistle, though. Probably will serve as O'Leary's 4th? Or maybe the 3/4 playoff if Mexico makes the Final?

  14. I would say he stays to be 4th in a match, I would not give him an other match, with the 3 he had was enought and I belife he does not deserved a 4th, but Fifa is unpredictable...


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